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Hello! Here is my first ever “A Day in the Life” post. I don’t want to do these too frequently because…well that’ll just get redundant. :) However, in an effort to give a broader picture of what missions can look like, I thought I would do these every so often. Don’t mind the mediocre quality photos. I only have access to the base’s camera on weekends so I’m relying on my ever handy iPhone 4s. Maybe someday I’ll get my dream camera?

 A Day in the Life – Wednesday, 23 April, 2014

7:00 – Wake up time. In actual fact, the alarm was set to 6:41, but alas, the snooze button is my friend. I really want to stop that. It just makes me more tired. I’m also feeling Daylight Savings Time. It’s getting colder and colder here in the southern hemisphere, which only makes removing your warm, snuggly covers even harder!


7:10 – Workout! Good Morning Jillian Michaels! Please kick my butt! Ha! Haven’t been doing very well about this…did I mention it’s getting colder and harder to get out of bed? This morning, though, I prevailed and submitted myself to Jillian’s “30 Day Shred”. It always feels so good once you’re done!


7:45 – Sat down for breakfast…and maybe I put a few more pieces on our puzzle? It’s so addicting and nearly impossible to sit at our table without searching for the right piece.

8:05 – Get ready for work!

IMG_1379  IMG_1381

8:40 – I run our weekly staff mtg. Today we had some fun recaps, agenda items and a nice provocation from Stevie, our Asst. Base Director, about invitation. Who are you inviting into kingdom culture and community today?


9:45 – Office Time! This morning I worked on updating a quarterly assessment, getting Lauren started on a weekly staff mtg recap email and updating our staff connect (online website for communications), got files together to send to our solicitor, organised for a connection with a local printer to print our upcoming banquet invitations out, continued bouncing around ideas with our designer, Dodi, on the whole design, met with Stevie about our quarterly assessment, got together exec mtg agenda for 1pm and planned a couple mtgs for later this week. I also snuck in a quick PB&J to tie me over until lunch and confirmed how late Yogurtland is open – I am NOT missing out on free yogurt!!!


1:00 – Lunch + Exec Mtg. (The boys deep in thought haha) Every Wednesday we meet as a leadership team and have lunch at the same time. It’s a good time to make sure everyone’s on the same page and knows what’s happening, as well as a time to pray and hear God about different things as needed. There are always plenty of laughs as well!

3:00 – Finished exec. Started working on the Public Meeting running sheet and met with Stevie again. Confirmed the rest of the quarter’s speakers – I am speaking next week! (That’s a nervous exclamation point!). After trying a few more tweaks, we finally nailed down the branding for this year’s campaign this afternoon. It looks so good! Nice work Dodi!

3:45 – Feelin’ the afternoon lull coming on. Time for one of these…


4:00 – Then around 4pm with Tina cheering me on, I made this blog here public! What?!?! Happy reading! (Feeling very encouraged)

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.25.47 pm

4:15 – Confirmed speaking on the STS in May, confirmed the printer for the banquet invites, double checked details for Public Mtg and confirmed what songs we were going to do for worship. Also sent all the speaker confirmations for Public Mtg to Dodi so she can update the design and send to me to be printed and handed out.

5:00 – Went to our house for about 20 minutes before heading up for dinner. Worked on this…


5:30 – Dinner! The base had this really good lasagna/pasta bake. Very good flavours!! Sat with Mike and Karen who have been on holidays for the past week and a half as they’ve been moving house. Also talked with some others at the table about movies – all starting from me bringing up Divergent. I have got to see that movie soon! I am keen to do a book review on that series soon so check back for that one.

6:10 – Came home very briefly to gather stuff and change before heading to the warehouse to practice worship!

6:20 – Worship practice. Felt a little frazzled trying to organise some things for public mtg but still be focused on worship practice. I eventually just closed my eyes while we were practicing and had to focus really hard to make sure I wasn’t just “getting through worship leading” but really engaging and worshipping the way God deserves us to worship. I find it hard to lead worship during public mtg sometimes because I normally organise the weekly event. So my mind can be split in two if I am not careful. God is SO faithful, though, and He always knows how to “bring in” my focus.

6:55 – Gathered with the band, the speaker, emcee and base directors to pray for the night.


7:00 – Time for Public Meeting! We worshipped for 20ish minutes, prayed for our city, had some announcements and share back from Easterfest that a team went to this past weekend. Then Sanga, the head pastor from Hillsong Newcastle spoke about “Desired Destination”. It was a great message about how in order to “arrive” somewhere, you first have to “depart”. Or another reference was from Ephesians 4 – before you can “put on”, you first have to “put off”. He gave 4 things to do to see this happen – Recognize what’s holding you back or keeping you from your “desired destination”, Reject whatever that thing is (usually sin or something in our fleshly nature), Replace it with something good and from God, and Renew your mind with truth.


8:45 – Jumped in the car with some friends for FREEEEE Yogurt! We got in line, and Robbie decided we were going to all guess what time we’d get inside to the ice cream. I guessed 9:44. Robbie guessed 9:35, Swinney was 9:38 and Tina was 9:46. It was about 9:36 when Robbie “got his ice cream” – quotes because it’s debatable whether or not he should have technically won. Since there is no real prize, though, I’m joining with Swinney and saying “we all won.” Free fro-yo – yep that’s a win!!!


10:15 – Came home and saw more people “liking” my page and checking out this blog. So blessed by such a great community here and globally. I’m so stoked to have this up and running AND public finally.

11:00 – Time for bed! Good night!!!


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April 24, 2014|Missions|2 Comments


  1. Stephanie April 24, 2014 at 10:28 am - Reply

    Yay for speaking next week! I have no doubt that God will speak through you and those listening will be blessed!
    Super excited about this blog, and love getting a glimpse into your heart.

    • Ashley Willingham April 24, 2014 at 10:44 am - Reply

      Thanks Steph! I miss you so much friend, and I wish we could go out for coffee and have a good, long catch-up! We could even do tea because I like it now :) (No more “this tastes like a candle” haha)

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