A Month of Quality Photos

At the beginning of April, I challenged myself to only post to social media if I had used my good camera for the rest of the month. I got a Canon 60D and a 50mm lens about a year and a half ago after several years of taking a photography break. In 2014 I started using the YWAM camera for personal projects on the weekends as I began dabbling in photography again. It was a cool journey, and this time around, I do love the art of photography so much more than the first time around.

Since Eleanor came along, I have done many photo shoots with her. I do one each month to compare the size of her with her little elephant, and I’ve done others with her and different outfits. I have taken my DSLR to the beach with friends and taken a few of their kids here and there. But alas, this camera was still only responsible for about 30% of the photos I was taking. The trusty little iPhone just seemed easier on most occasions.

I was feeling challenged to not just post quality photos on social media but to also use the nice things that I have been given. I’ve read a lot of blogs for quite some time now, and I admire many of the bloggers’ photos. You can tell they take the time to use a nice camera and get the lighting right. They appreciate the quality that a good camera provides.

To make things even easier, for Christmas this past year I got an Eyefi mobi card. An Eyefi mobi card has a wifi component that syncs your camera to your phone directly and loads the photos straight into the app after you’ve taken it. It makes it pretty simple, and yet I still found myself going to my phone.

Which brings me to today – after a month of my photo challenge. I knew I wanted to continue posting to social media if for no other reason than to keep family and friends included in our journey halfway around the world. I knew I wanted to use my good camera more in the everyday, to learn to take it with me when I am out and about so I have the option to use it rather than just my phone. I also knew I wanted to continue learning about photography, which taking photos in the everyday is a great place to expand that learning because there is a lot of variety in your everyday scenarios.

Needless to say I loved it. I posted 21 quality photos from the past several weeks of Eleanor, Robbie, friends, Australia…of life. Not that I don’t cherish all my photos, iPhone or not, but there is something special about the time and quality of these photos. I feel challenged to continue using my good camera in the everyday. I feel challenged to continue growing and learning about this hobby, and I feel challenged to keep posting quality in the midst of an ever-growing barrage of content on social media these days. So maybe I won’t post every.single.photo from my DSLR, but I feel challenged to stop and ask myself, “Why aren’t you using your good camera right now?” To challenge myself to be slow to post and to think about what I am saying, not just in my descriptions, but in the photo. After all, “a picture is worth a 1000 words” right?

Here are some photos from the last month…

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