Baby Willingham: 30 Weeks

I don’t quite understand how we are already at 30 weeks. It seems like there is so little time to go. 10 weeks sounds like a decent chunk of time, but my app says “70 days”. 70 days seems short. I remember counting down the days to our wedding a few years ago, and 70 days is nothing. This baby is coming fast!

Today I was incredibly blessed by my friends here in Newcastle with a Baby Shower! It was so fun and relaxing – my favourite combo. My Dr and good friend let us use her house because honestly, she is amazing and has the best house for hosting things in the world! I was so thankful for her willingness for us to have it there. Then some friends from the base organised everything. The went with my theme that I am going to decorate with – Golden Books. It was heaps cute, and I really appreciated all they did to make it special. We mingled, had hot cuppas, and guessed baby photos while eating the wonderful afternoon tea. Then they all gathered around and prayed for me and Little Bean. I feel so privileged to be pregnant in this community and to know I’ll have them once the babe arrives in a couple months. We finished up by opening baby presents, and I was so blown away by the variety of stuff we got for Bean. This babe is doing pretty well!

Thank you Lise for lending us your house, and thank you Carrie, Jess and Tina for organising everything! Love you!

30 Week Rundown

Weeks Pregnant: 30 weeks

Baby is the size of a… Cucumber – as long as a cucumber becauseIMG_3433 it definitely weighs more than a cucumber!

Food Cravings: Today I wanted Guzman so badly, but I think that was because I had woken up quite early and eaten breakfast and then went about 5 hours without eating anything. Guzman hit the spot, as always! No other cravings I can think of, though.

Food Aversions: I can never think of things for this one, which I am going to be thankful for since I know some pregnant women have all sorts of food aversions.

Symptoms: Things are definitely getting harder and more uncomfortable. Not to the point of being unbearable, but I’ve definitely noticed a shift as babe is getting bigger.

This week, I had a cold that has been going around, and it sort of knocked me out for a couple days. I felt pretty terrible and slept quite a lot to get past it. Thankfully by Friday I was on the mend, and I feel like it’s mostly gone now.

Some minor swelling. Hardly any of my shoes fit or are comfortable these days. I reeeeeealy hope my feet go back to normal after the babe arrives. My feet have always been pretty narrow and bony, but they’re long. I don’t really want to throw out all my shoes and buy bigger sizes! I suppose we’ll see in a couple months. I’ve stopped wearing my wedding ring most days now as well and have just thrown on another plain one for now.

New this week: We are getting more and more setup for Bean’s area. Tonight I put all the stuff away from the baby shower. It’s crazy to see some of the really practical stuff in there now – it’s all getting more and more real.

On Saturday, we went to the hospital for a tour of the Delivery Suite/Birth Centre area. That was the most “reality check” moment I’ve had in awhile now – walking into the hallway and then the rooms knowing I am going to be here in a very short time for a very different reason. The Birth Centre rooms are way nicer in my opinion because they’re not as “clinical/sterile”. Most equipment is behind cupboards, and they have a big spa tub to labour in. As long as everything continues to go smoothly, I’ll be in one of these rooms. The Delivery Suites are for more complex births with more interventions. They also don’t allow epidurals in the Birth Centre rooms, so if I wanted one, I’d have to be transferred down the hall. My hope is for a natural birth, and seeing the rooms and everything they have in place to help you achieve that, I feel much more at peace about what’s to come. The Delivery Suites with all the medical equipment made me a bit anxious, but at the end of the day, my biggest prayer is for Bean to be healthy. I am very aware things don’t always go according to plan. It was helpful to visualise everything, though – to get a bit more of a picture of what’s to come.

Looking forward to: Tomorrow we are heading to Sydney to pick up a speaker, and we are going to stop by IKEA to get some other little things for house and baby. It’ll be a quick trip – nothing major to get. I always love IKEA, though, so I am looking forward to that.

I am also looking forward to the birth of the next YWAM baby. Due any day now! Daniel and Dieuwke live next door, so it’s exciting to be in this season with them. Once Baby Twyerould appears, it’s all up to Baby Willingham to round out this little trio of 2015 babies (unless someone else surprises us with an announcement??? You never know!).

Miss anything? Sleeping well – not getting up every hour or two, sleeping on my stomach or on my back. My body being my body. Sushi.

Exercise: Not going well since being back, which I can somewhat attribute to being sick this week. I do want to work on it this week, though, now that I am feeling better.

Books I’m Currently Reading: Still plugging along with the same three.


Also random, but can’t help it. Congrats to the new royal baby! I had a feeling it would be a girl. :) If only we could all look this magnificent less than 12 hours after giving birth!

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.36.54 pm

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