Friday Fun #3

Happy Friday! I am very happy today because the weather has finally calmed down a bit. This week was rough with the weather for some reason. I know it’s been hotter this summer, but this week has affected me more than any other. Maybe it’s because I am further along in my pregnancy? Hello swollen feet and hands! I had a real struggle getting my wedding rings off yesterday. Thank you weather for chilling out!

  • This past week was Robbie’s birthday, and it was a lot of fun. I wrote a post all about him on Tuesday if you want to have a look here. On Tuesday night, a bunch of friends gathered at Yogurtland to celebrate his birthday with their awesome “Buy One Get One Free” deal. So fun!

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  • Last weekend, our neighbours had a yard sale as they’re heading on to their next adventure back in the States. We sold a few things and also got a new thing or two. Through that, I got very motivated to work on the living room. We rearranged the room (furniture, pictures on the walls, etc.), and we started thinking through how things were set up and how it will work with a baby. I’m loving it. I love rearranging rooms, and I am planning to write a post next week just about this little project.
  • We have weekly Public Meetings here at the base, and this past Wednesday, we heard from John Bills. It was such a great message. If you follow along with YWAM Newcastle on social media, they’ll probably put up a link to the podcast within the next week sometime.
  • Speaking of YWAM Newcastle social media – we just launched this new video that I LOVE. It’s all about my city here and what a weekend could look like for students heading over. I really love Newcastle so much!
  • I’m looking forward to this weekend. There isn’t too much going on, which is always nice. Robbie and I have talked about doing a “pre-baby project”, maybe painting the cot or something. The only downside is I have to do my lovely glucose test on Monday. I am not too worried at this point, but I think I will get quite bored sitting there for two hours. I’m trying to convince Robbie to come hang out with me by bribing him with his favourite coffee that’s at that same place. It’s a week or so earlier than I would normally do the test, but since we are heading home in a few weeks for Robbie’s sister’s wedding, my doctor wanted me to go ahead and get it out of the way to make sure all is good. Yay yucky orange drink! ;)
  • Finally, my parents just booked their flights for August to come see the little Bean and see Australia for the first time! I am so excited! Although August seems so far away – I know time is going so fast, and it’ll be here before we know it!!!

How’s your Friday???

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