Gilmore Girls Viewing Party

When our flat got renovated, giving us a much larger living room to host people, I was pretty excited to start hosting. Right around that same time, news of the Gilmore Girls revival came out, and I was ready – this was the big party I was going to host. I sent out a status asking who of the staff girls at YWAM Newie watched Gilmore Girls, and over the next couple months, people responded and planning started.

In the weeks leading up to “the event”, everyone started talking food. You really cannot have a Gilmore Girls party without alllllll the food. It was hilarious to see everyone’s excitement and creativity come out, even sharing blog posts they had found of food ideas. (Go to Pinterest and search “Gilmore Girls Viewing Party”, and you will laugh at the sheer number of pins and blog posts about this very topic.)

My contribution was Pop Tarts that my parents had sent in a package, as well as popcorn. The amount of food was insaaaaaane! It was perfect. 24 girls rocked up to my house, and my living room was full. We all made it through the first one with pizzas, fries and cookies sporadically appearing out of the oven. There was coffee, of course, and a ton of other soda drinks. There were marshmallows and dessert sushi. Donuts. Some girls came with Thai takeout. We had pizza, chips, fries, cookies. It just kept coming. We were set.

It was such a fun time. I’ll spare you my review on the actual show because I think the internet has enough of those. I will simply make one random comment – the musical….why?!? I still don’t get it.

I actually didn’t think in the midst of everything to get out my nice camera because we were just running around getting everything set up and trying to start on time. I’m kicking myself for that. Below are a few screen shots from SnapChat (classy, I know!), but the best photo of the night was all of us together at the top!

Did you watch the revival? Did you do anything special? My friend all the way in Europe MADE homemade pop tarts. Majorly impressed! (Good job, Faith!)

img_0384   img_0383

img_0382   img_0381

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