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The character of God is something I have developed a passion for understanding and learning about, particularly in the past 5 years. In 2009, when I came to Newcastle to do my DTS, I felt like an overarching theme for that season in particular was God fighting for me to have a right view of Him. Up until that point, I had severely limited God in my own understanding by placing Him in a box, declaring for myself and in my own pride and ignorance what He could and could not do. To say I was naive is quite an understatement.

Over those 6 months in particular God busted out of the box I had placed Him in, showing me more and more of His character. His holiness, magnificence, beauty – there are no boundaries to those things when it comes to God.

I read in a book once, although I cannot recall what book, about how we as humans normally try and bring God to fit into our image rather than the reverse – pursuing a life of becoming more and more like Christ.

Something I would like to do every month on the blog is post about an aspect of God’s character. This monthly feature, entitled “He is like…”, will share a bit of my journey about the revelations of God’s character I have received through worship, study, challenges, etc. I am so thankful that God constantly makes Himself available to us. He pursues us. He wants to reveal Himself to us, to have relationship with us. We are unbelievably privileged in this.

Today, I just want to highlight one thing about God…something even today I am seeing. I mostly wanted to introduce the feature, but I don’t want to go too far without making mention of one thing.

God is patient.

Wow is He patient! Sometimes when I think of the patience He’s shown me over my lifetime I am astounded. I don’t think we can even begin to fathom the depth of this patience He has because it is so contrary to ourselves. We are an incredibly inpatient generation. We are a microwave generation – we want things now. We want answer now. We don’t like waiting. We don’t like process.

God is so committed to the process, though. Even when it seems like He’s taught me the same thing 20 times before I finally “get it” – He is still willing to pursue us. To champion and believe in us. To know what we can handle, which is typically more than we’d like to. ;)

I am so thankful for God’s patience with me. I’ve personally felt like I have had this one area in my life that’s been so hard for three years now. I feel like I’ve had a bad attitude at times or been impatient or apathetic – and yet God continually shows me a new perspective, He continually gives me grace, He continually reminds me when I forget truth or forget His promises. He has never given up on me, and I know He never will.

I am so thankful that He is like this. I am so thankful He is patient!

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