Jesus’ Emotions – A Good Friday Reflection

Yesterday, my team and I made breakfast together, read a short devotional and prayed before heading to my church’s Good Friday service. I was really thankful that we had the day off from work and were able to really reflect on the day that can otherwise be easily breezed past as another Friday.

Good Friday is not just another Friday.

Good Friday reminds us of the sacrifice Jesus paid for us. Good Friday reminds us of the ultimate generosity and simultaneous sacrifice of the Father. Good Friday reminds us that we have not gotten what we deserve.

My church’s Good Friday service was actually a production, acting out the whole story. It started with Jesus on the cross, but then it backtracked to when Mary and Joseph lost Jesus in Jerusalem when He was 12 years old. It continued on as Jesus grew and began His ministry, called His disciples, foretold of His own death and was eventually crucified.

As my team and I came home and spent some time reflecting on the service and Jesus’ life, something struck me afresh.


Sometimes when I have seen Easter productions portraying Jesus’ life, the person playing Jesus can be quite…shall we say “unemotional”? Because we know Jesus was perfect, never sinning, I think we can be fooled into thinking that Jesus had no emotions. In today’s society, emotions are frowned upon, even if it’s never formally stated that way. Stuff your feelings down, throw it under the rug, hide it or you run the risk of being called “overemotional” or “dramatic”.

Kevin Norris said at a Public Meeting awhile back that

Emotions are the voice of the heart.

If you look in the Psalms, you see David was full of emotions! In today’s culture, though, we tend to lean to one extreme or the other — totally ignore them or be ruled by them.

All that to say, the man that portrayed Jesus yesterday was full of emotion. It gave me a new perspective as I thought about Jesus – He must have felt frustrated or angry or sad or scared…all the while maintaining His complete holiness and never sinning! How many times did He tell the disciples something and they still didn’t get it? How terrified would He have been the night before His death, knowing what was to come?

Jesus never wavered. He never sinned.

He was never ruled by His emotions,

but He did not ignore them either.

Jesus was fully human and fully God.

I am thankful for this because when we read the story of Jesus’ life and His death and resurrection, we shouldn’t read it unemotionally. We should feel the sacrifice that Jesus made. We should feel the frustration He must of felt when He repeated Himself over and over again. We should feel the joy as He watched people see for the first time, children dance around, and others believe He was the Messiah!

This Easter, I am reflecting a bit differently. I am feeling a little bit more than before as I think of this man Jesus.

What a wonderful Saviour!

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