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I realised as I was planning my next several posts that I actually missed a lot in December. So I thought I’d catch up with a little photo post with some fun things that happened throughout the busy, exciting month of December. Enjoy!


^The beautiful Sarah teaching Eleanor how to be a cool, skater girl! Eleanor really loves visiting Sarah at the warehouse, even when she breaks her lawn gnomes. (sorry Sez!)


^The aftermath of a grape popsicle at the pool. We loved going to Lambton Pool with the Beck family and cannot wait to go back again this summer!


^Eleanor’s climbing skills have seriously improved in the past month. She’s become quite the little monkey actually, and she scaled this ladder with no problem.


^A few weeks into December, we decided to do a cookie decorating day at Mums Morning Tea. For Ollie and Eleanor, it was mostly a “cookie eating” day, but Essie really got into decorating. She’s quite the little artist. There were icing and sparkles and beads everywhere, but it was all worth it in the end. Such fun seeing these little friends play together and enjoy a number of activities.


^Eleanor’s cookie at the beginning. 30 minutes later, it looked like a sugar cookie that was dyed purple with no sign of actual icing anymore. She scraped every little bit off.








^Playing around with my camera one night. I love blurry light photos, and Christmas is a favourite as well. So this picture just had to be thrown in the mix.


^Grammy sent Eleanor Olaf and Elsa Christmas ornaments, and she was always so excited to show people. She did fairly well with leaving ornaments on the tree. Mostly, she just pulled the bulbs off, would throw it and say “ball”. Right idea, kid. Right idea.


^Robbie has given Eleanor her love of bugs, and I am going to let them have fun with that while I steer clear. He put a “Christmas Bug” on her little stick, and she was pretty amused until it peed on her. Then she wasn’t such a fan. These bugs are so interesting. They’re only ever around for this short period of time each year, and they’re brightly coloured green and red, hence the name!


^Eleanor holding Daddy’s jalapeño loot. Don’t worry, she didn’t eat them or get any in her eyes.


^We went in town to the beach the day before Christmas Eve with the rest of the base for a BBQ. It was such a nice night, and Eleanor enjoyed showing off her sunnies.


^Eleanor got given this little picnic table from some friends, and for her, it’s more of a ladder, at least initially. I set up a little tea party with her new set from some other friends, and she promptly threw it all on the ground and climbed to the top. What did I tell you? Monkey! This table is now outside with her water table!


^My two favourites on Christmas morning, chowing down on some cinnamon rolls and coffee. It was a nice, slow start to the morning at home, and I loved every minute of it.



^This is Lucy, Eleanor’s new baby doll. We’ve tried a few names for her, but none seem to stick. She’s trying to say Lucy now, though, so that’s a start. Lucy goes most places with us, and Eleanor now sleeps with her every night. It’s pretty cute.


^Far out, I love these two so much. I am so grateful for them, and I loved this holiday season with them. I am so excited for a million more to come!


^And finally, this is Eleanor’s new water table from Aunty Deb and Uncle Givenski. She loves this thing so much, and I am glad she has a fun activity to do in our backyard now, even if she does get soaking wet every time she’s out there.

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