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Sometimes I don’t blog because I feel like I have too much to say. I feel like I could write and write and write on so many different topics – motherhood, motherhood in missions, world events, working, coffee, habits, seasons, reflections of the past. I probably think of something to write each day, but then Eleanor takes another one of her sprint naps or gets a virus or is just being particularly needy and the blog is all but forgotten. It’s not her fault at all, but I just choose other things when I have spare moments.


I’ve been an avid blog reader for several years now, and I check my favs a few times a week. Several of them have children and have had them while I’ve been a reader, and now that I am a mum, I have great respect for their time management skills. Alas, I wasn’t too skilled about keeping up with this pre-Eleanor, so I guess I should be realistic.

I am really excited to go home next week and have my whole family and then Robbie’s whole family meet Eleanor. I am excited to rest and to have dates (here’s hoping?) and to celebrate and to wear scarves and sweaters again. There is so much to look forward to in the coming months.

I am also really looking forward to the new year. It’s always a fresh feeling, and I really want to think and pray into what this next year will look like. I think in the past few months, I have really come to terms with my weakness. Like who knew I couldn’t do it all, hey? ;) (JOKING!) I am grateful for the revelation, though, because it allows me to first and foremost rely more on God than ever, but it is also allowing me to go on a journey of discovering more of myself, my calling and role as a mum AND a missionary and so much more.

I’d really like to blog more next year. I think I don’t blog as often as I’d like because of timing but also because I am not sure what’s worth writing about or what people would enjoy reading. At the end of the day, though, I just want to write. So I am writing today because I enjoy writing, and even though this post is incredibly random and rabbit trail-ish, it’s ok. Maybe more rabbit trails are what’s needed? Maybe rabbit trails will lead to more consistency. Who knows?

Well here’s to a busy week before we leave! I’ll try and check back in at the end of the week for Eleanor’s 5 month update (!!). Can someone please tell me how my baby is already 5 months old?

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