Missing the Start

2017 hasn’t really had the exciting zeal that I had hoped for thus far. On Monday night, I got a horrible stomach bug that left me feeling like I got beat up in the carpark. We thought I had food poisoning because I had eaten some leftovers that were perhaps a little old, and Eleanor and Robbie, who were fine, hadn’t eaten it. At least that’s what we thought.

Robbie got Eleanor ready for the day, and then my friend Emily watched her for nearly the entire day while I rested. I was so incredibly grateful that she was so willing to have Eleanor for the whole day. I felt terrible. Wednesday rolled along, and I was starting to feel better, even though little Miss was waking up around 5:20am! I ventured out on a walk with Eleanor, slowly but surely, easing into the day.

After a day full of social interaction, Eleanor was pretty bored spending the day with just mum, so I tried taking her to the warehouse to see some friends. Then later that afternoon, some friends came over to our house. And then, one of Eleanor’s little friends threw up twice in Eleanor’s room. Yeah…we were wrong about the food poisoning.

Three hours later, Robbie began throwing up, and I quickly ran to Woolies to buy the best sanitizing cleaning supplies on the planet for fear of Eleanor catching this terrible bug. Another two friends on base started throwing up later Wednesday night as well. It’s brutal friends – not a bug you want.

I sanitised every.single.surface in our house, including the bazillion play food pieces Eleanor got for Christmas. Oh the joy. And, I texted many friends to pray that this horrible bug was done attacking our little community.


The cherry on top of this wonderful first week of the New Year? Our sewer system for our entire house got completely blocked yesterday. THANK GOODNESS this happened post throwing up for everyone, but nonetheless, another lovely addition to an already challenging week.

We can still use things, but water sources like the washing machine and shower put too much pressure on the system, so we are avoiding those for today and tomorrow until it’s completely fixed.

I don’t write all this to garner a bunch of pity or sympathy. Seriously. I am more outward processing life right now. I have had to stop myself from my own self-pity, and I’ve had to recognise that as much as we like to think our “fresh start” can only begin on January 1, it’s simply not the truth. God offers a fresh start every morning in fact.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.
“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,
    “therefore I will hope in him.”
-Lamentations 3:22-24

Today I am reminding myself that Eleanor has been smiling and happy and healthy all week. I am reminding myself of the incredible friends who help us when we are having a rough go. I am reminding myself that despite the barrage of articles online and shared on Facebook about what not to do as a mum, Eleanor will indeed survive if she’s watching a little more tv this week and outside a little less. She will be ok if I am not giving her as many vegetables, and I am not a bad mum for not trying as hard this week. I am reminding myself that prayer is beautifully powerful, and I am thankful that at this point, no one else has gotten sick. I am reminding myself that next week (or tomorrow or next month even) is an ok time to really think through my goals for 2017, and this week hasn’t been wasted, nor have I missed my chance to start 2017 off well. I am reminding myself that God is good, and He is not at all flustered or changed by my issues. I am reminding myself that all will be ok. I am reminding myself that there is immense power in hope and that gratefulness is the seedbed of hope. I am reminding myself that we have much to be grateful for even when things haven’t been as easy this week.

Have you ever tried to start a New Year or new season well and things just don’t go as planned? What do you have to be grateful for in this New Year?

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