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Here is another fabulous guest post from Chloe. Chloe did her DTS with us, as well as the SOIYM (School of Innovative Youth Ministry). She’s a champion that came with vision, left with vision and continues today with vision! She is faithful and diligent, and I have no doubt that God will continually use this girl in incredible ways. Thanks heaps for sharing Chloe!


10155268_627355623985686_1105837467_nMany people asked me why I chose to do my DTS only 90 minutes from my home town.

My only answer was that God had said so. At the time it made no sense, but now I start to see a real plan unfolding. Isn’t life with God amazing? He moves in ways we cannot understand – something I appreciate more with each passing day.

I love my hometown of Gloucester, NSW and always have. It is a beautiful little town with a population of 5,000 in the entire district, half of which live on farms and properties. I grew up in a family of 4 boys and 2 girls with the Barrington River in our backyard. Our parents loved God, and our home was regularly filled with other young people from our community, especially the youth group from our church. Coming into my DTS, I carried with me a strong relationship with God and a deep hunger for more. I wanted to know God, and I wanted to know what my future held.

My DTS was a time of real awakening in my faith. For the first time I felt the Father’s love in a passionate, all-encompassing way that changed my view on everything. As my relationship with God reached new depths, I found myself often thinking of those I had left behind at home.

Was this simply homesickness, or was this something more?

In the following year after my DTS, I sought to walk with God, one step at a time. I spent time in Thailand, teaching young Thai children English and learning to rely on God in the midst of complete loneliness. Then I returned to YWAM Newcastle to be a part of a secondary school – the School of Innovative Youth Ministry. During those six months, things became very clear.

God was calling me home to Gloucester.

Again the questions flooded in.

Why are you going to work with young people in such a small place? Surely it would be more effective to move to a larger city?

But God spoke to me loud and clear. It was these young people on my heart, and I could not remove the passion to share with them the hope I had found in Jesus.1527044_592745860779996_765683799_n

In a miraculous turn of events, a position to work with youth in my local high school opened up at the completion of my time in Newcastle. I would be teaching Scripture classes to students aged 12 – 15, a total of 9 different classes. From my very first lesson, I was in love. In love with this place, in love with these young people and more deeply in love with a God who knows the desires in our hearts and delights in fulfilling them.

Eighteen months on, and I sit back in awe.

Only God could have written the story of my life so perfectly. Each day I get to spend with precious young people who are so hungry for truth. I love staying behind after class to answer questions about the goodness of God. I love sitting in the school toilets holding a heartbroken girl while she sobs and sharing with her that I know Someone who loves her, oh how He loves her.

I love watching God move in the lives of these country kids, and I am eternally grateful that I get to play apart.

Part of what I love about Chloe’s story is that she is a missionary working in her local school system. Sometimes we can assume a “missionary” is only those people who go somewhere far away from home, wear long skirts and hug orphan children.

We can have such an incomplete picture.

We do love orphan children and some of us are called to move far away (hey, some of us even wear long skirts on occasion), but the Great Commission is for everyone. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, politicians, moms and dads – everyone, if they take the call seriously, has an opportunity to be a missionary right where they are.

What’s your mission field? How are you able to reach people in your sphere of society?

 *Read more about the spheres of society HERE.

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