Nine Months With Otis

I am approaching a week overdue for this update, but hey, better late than never. (And I’ve definitely been much later than a week!!) Otis turned 9 months last Sunday, and once again, it snuck up on all of us. He just had his 9-month checkup, and it was mind-blowing when they gave me the follow-up paper that said to return after he’s one. Only a few more months!

Highlights & Milestones

Otis had a big month on the movement front. He went from army crawling and sort of scooting around to fully crawling, and the kid is crazy fast. I forgot just how fast crawling babies get. He is loving his newfound freedom to explore, and boy is he exploring. The other day, he was in the living room playing with toys one second, and all of a sudden, he was gone. We could hear him, though, so we followed his little squeals and yells and found him near the bathroom. He loves his baths, so I suppose that’s where he was heading. It’s a whole different ballgame figuring out what needs to be baby-proofed in my parents house. Not only is it much bigger than our flat in Australia, but there’s also a lot more for Otis to get into. Have I mentioned how easy it is to get into the dog’s food and water bowls?

Otis went to the water park for the first time this month, and it was his first time in swimming gear as well. He wasn’t a fan of the water part, but he definitely liked watching all the kids run around and play. The water was decently cold, and I remember Eleanor not enjoying water at this age. I’m hoping to get them both into some swim lessons soon, though, so they’re a bit more comfortable in the water before our trip to South Carolina in August. I’ve also learned my lesson after two failed attempts at the water park by myself with two kids – bring reinforcements!!

Otis’s top two teeth came in this past month, and he’s already working on more. He has gotten his teeth so much quicker than Eleanor did! His toothy grin is so sweet!

A few highlights were watching the Indy 500 Parade with some friends, as well as both kids’ first time to an Indians game. Otis also tried the swings at the park for the first time and really enjoyed that!

We got Otis a shirt this month that has a lion on the front and says “Little Guy. Big Roar.” It’s so fitting for him right now because he can seriously be SO loud. He is really into shouting, squealing and growling at the moment. I “think” he has said “Mumma” a few times over the last week, but it’s not repeatable at this point. Hopefully he’ll commit to saying that one first, though, because Eleanor said “Dadda” first.

Otis’s favorite game is peek-a-boo or chase around with Eleanor, and he loves the buildup the most. He laughs so hard when he’s getting his diaper changed and Eleanor runs back and forth to him. They’ve also created a little game where Eleanor will run loops inside the house and one of us will be chasing her with Otis “flying” in our arms. They both laugh so hard. It’s quite a workout after awhile!

Otis is a little guy just like his sister was, and he’s riding the bottom line of the charts just like her. He’s actually on formula now after a month and half of transition. It was surprising for all of us considering I breastfed Eleanor until 16-months, but it’s a perfect example of taking each child as a unique individual and doing what’s best for them. No comparison! He’s also sleeping through the night most nights now, which is so wonderful. Overall, he’s hitting a lot of milestones, and there seems to be almost daily highlights with this little cutie!!


  • Food – avocado, bananas, crackers, rice, cheerios, some purees still, puffs
  • His new water bottle like big sister’s
  • Anything outside – backyard, front porch, long walks, parks, zoos, etc.
  • People watching
  • Exploring everywhere
  • Peek-a-boo and tag/chase
  • Gaga and Papaw
  • Reese-y dog!
  • Being thrown in the air, flying around chasing big sister, swinging, going down the slide (held of course)
  • Bathtime and splashing


  • Having to wait for food or a bottle
  • If I leave a room too fast
  • Being in the car too long (especially if he’s hungry)

How Am I Doing?

I’m not sure how/if I can answer this question fully. We had a major setback last week as a family that I’m not going to go into, but I’ll just say it rocked me a lot. Outside of that, which is sort of hard to differentiate but nonetheless, I am doing well. Eleanor and Otis are both doing well, and I feel like we are getting into a bit more of a rhythm at home. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I am not as well as I was doing a week ago. Again, I don’t want to get into it, but I do know this – we will be ok and we will get past this. God is good. God is with us and for us. We are ok. So I’ll leave it there and finish with a cute photo of Otis working on his downward dog yoga pose. ;)

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