Putting Up The Tree With Eleanor

On Saturday, Robbie had the day off, and we decided that we would decorate for Christmas that afternoon. This coming week is so full of fun events (including a Gilmore Girls viewing party!), and I reckon it’s never too early to put your tree up. (Ok so many may disagree, but the lines are blurry here in Australia without Thanksgiving as a marker…)

Eleanor woke up from her nap right as we had swapped the furniture around, and we were eager to see her reaction to all this Christmas decorating business. We grabbed the couple boxes out of storage and brought them into the living room where she was hanging out. To be honest, I didn’t know what was in our boxes because we’ve spent the past two Christmases in the US with family. I knew it wasn’t much, though, because it was all “newlywed” decor…aka budget. We pulled out the tree, put it together, strung the lights, and hung the ornaments…and Eleanor was pretty unimpressed by the whole thing. She was way more interested in the box itself, the vacuum to clean up and eventually just went to her room to play with blocks. I’ll have to brainstorm some fun Christmas ideas that she actually will be interested in!

Without further ado, here’s a few snaps from our afternoon. (Notice the shorts and t-shirts…still am not quite used to it being hot over the holidays here!)



^Tried for about 10 minutes to get into that box. She’s all about opening and closing things right now.




^Oh, this looks like a lot more fun than that tree!





^Had to stop for a snack, and if you know Eleanor at all, you know this is just sooooo classic Eleanor :)


I’ve added a few more things since then, and I have a couple more still to add. I’ll try to have some “finished” photos by the end of the week in my next “Thoughts + Things” post!

What is your tradition for decorating for Christmas? When? How? Music? We had a pretty sweet Spotify playlist going while we were decorating to set the mood. (HOW GOOD is the new Penatonix album?!?!)

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