Thoughts + Things #1

  • “I’ve been meaning to write.” I really wish I had a $ for every time I’ve said or written those words. I haven’t written as much on the blog, particularly since Eleanor turned 1 and I stopped doing monthly updates about her, but really I haven’t written as much in the past year or more. For months, I have been asking myself why because being “too busy” is often the catch-all excuse for anything, just like “they’re teething” is an easy catch-all excuse for cranky kids. It’s become more and more apparent to me that I’ve stopped writing because of my own fears. I am not one for debate – in person or online. I cringe at the thought of it. Online communications and social media seems to be getting increasingly hostile, and particularly in this still relatively new sphere of parenting, it’s as vicious as ever. “Can I handle it?” has been my question. I have so much I want to say, but yet I don’t say it because inevitably someone will either not agree or be offended. The conclusion I have come to, though, is such is life, and if we all stopped trying for fear of failure, rejection, disagreement, etc., we would really be missing out on a lot that we do agree with and what does encourage us. The reality is I have read blogs for years, and I am often very encouraged by them. I don’t always agree with everything every blogger writes, but it’s ok. They’re still trucking along because they’re committed to their vision. I have a vision for this blog, and I haven’t been committed. I am changing that now. So it’s about to get real, folks. The good, the bad, the ugly. I am going to write – for a hundred reasons, I.AM.GOING.TO.WRITE!
  • “Thoughts + Things” is a header I’ve used for the past few months in my planner because “To Do” feels too boxed in. Sometimes, I just want to remember a thought or principle. So I’ve been writing that, and I am loving it. I decided to bring it to the blog for the “Mary Poppin’s Bag” sort of posts. Not a particular theme, direction or topic, and you’re not entirely sure what you’re going to get. Look for these more often. (I would say “weekly” but we’ll see…)
  • We finally got our couches after waiting 3 months for them, and I am obsessed. We had set aside money for pillows for months, but we didn’t want to buy them until we had the couches. We finally went to find some this weekend, and I am so happy. Our house is really different than 3-4 months ago, and I am loving it and feeling oh so grateful!
  • Eleanor is currently napping, and I am REEEEEEALLY praying she will sleep for awhile today because yesterday – – – oh yesterday – – – she only gave me 25 minutes. :(
  • I just stumbled upon this blog, and I am really enjoying her writing and thoughts on parenting!
  • This is the first Christmas where Eleanor will understand a bit more, and I am having a hard time not wanting to buy her ALLLL the presents. Alas, we certainly do not have that kind of money, and I certainly don’t want her to have grand expectations of 100 presents each year. I saw the photo below on Pinterest awhile back, and this is something Robbie and I are both keen to do in our house for Christmas. I am also excited to take Eleanor to the store to pick out something for another kid for “Secret Santa” and start showing her about “giving”. She’s young, but hey, you can never start these things too early right??


  • Finally, I cannot wait until this next week. Thanksgiving + Gilmore Girls all in one week! I read this article yesterday, and my expectations have gotten even higher… EEEh! Cannot wait!
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