Whole30 – Let’s Do This!

IMG_6040At the end of last year, I was feeling ready for a change physically. Pregnancy definitely changes your body in some pretty crazy ways, but one way that being a new mum changed me was by pushing me into “survival mode” in some areas. One of those areas was that of food. I did start working out mid-October, and I quickly noticed a difference. I didn’t “see” a huge difference, but I felt it. I knew that I needed to change my eating to really start feeling better.

In 2014, I went gluten-free for about 6 months in an attempt to once and for all get rid of my allergies. I had been struggling with them for a few years, and they weren’t improving. Not to mention, I began getting extremely itchy skin that didn’t seem to improve with anything I tried. I went to a Naturopath to see what his thoughts were, and even though he wanted me to continue with him for awhile and buy a bunch of supplements and such, the one thing I did decide I could do was try a gluten-free diet. It was really a last ditch effort – nothing else had worked.

After a short time, my allergies began going away. No more itchy skin. No more sneezing 50 million times a day. No more itchy eyes and stopped up nose. It was awesome! To top it off, I didn’t really feel that challenged by the gluten-free diet, and it especially felt worth it because of how much better I felt.

Then…I got pregnant.

As anyone who has been pregnant before knows, the first trimester has a mind of its own. All I wanted to eat for several weeks was toast and cereal. So I did, and not too long after that, my allergies reappeared. After going through pregnancy, and now about 7 months into Eleanor’s life, they haven’t changed. More than that, though, I don’t feel like I have a very healthy relationship with food. I know a lot about food from all the books, blogs and articles I have read, but it doesn’t seem to translate into action. Now that Eleanor is starting solids, I am feeling super challenged to learn these things well to set a good example for her.

In December, I started looking into the Whole30, and then I read the book that they wrote called It Starts With Food. This book is very scientific and full-on, but I really enjoyed reading all about our body and its processes. I started talking about doing a Whole30, which is 30 days of no added sugar, no gluten or grains and no dairy. You can eat fruit, veggies, meat, and nuts. There are more detailed rules, but that sums it up in a nutshell. Everything I read in this book and online have made me excited for this challenge.

In talking about it, Robbie started asking me a ton of questions and to my complete shock, volunteered to do it with me. So here we go! We started yesterday, and the first challenge I think we both have come across is the lack of milk in our coffee.

My goals for the Whole30:

1.) Improvement in allergies

2.) More energy

3.) Better handle on cravings and good food choices

4.) Lose some of this pregnancy weight

The biggest challenges I can see:

1.) Quick meals aren’t as familiar

2.) Eating out will be a challenge

3.) Going to miss dairy – milk, cheese, yogurt!

4.) Learning a whole new way of cooking/grocery shopping

At the end of our 30 days, I will write another recap of how we went. When you complete the initial 30 days, you start to slowly reintroduce things to see how your body responds to it. I am definitely keen to do this slowly so I know my body better.

Here we go! Happy Whole30!

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